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From D-List to A-List 

Brad Pitt in an early acting role

Brad Pitt in an early acting role

In his article on WaitButWhy.com, Tim Urban presents a collection of videos with our biggest celebrities smallest roles. It's a rather encouraging study on the perception of overnight successes. I myself find that there are very few endeavors I'm willing to undertake unless I can start at the top. I guess it takes a rare combination of grit, a growth mindset, and good fortune to achieve success on the level of Hollywood's brightest stars. 

It'd be interesting to see a data visualization of the ratio of success to failure in the acting profession. I imagine that most of the income earned by actors and actresses goes to far less than the top 1% of people in the profession. In other words, I predict that the salaries for the cast of Ocean's 11 accounted for 99%+ of all the money doled out to actors the year it was produced.

It would also be interesting to see how many supporting roles and commercial jobs the average actor has to take before landing a paycheck above a certain amount.