Quantified Self About Town- Midterm Project

For the midterm project, Bartosz Jerzy Bonczak, Tong Jian, and I have decided to create a tool for NYC dwellers to better manage their anxiety, which we hope will lead to more pleasant interactions and an increase in the overall emotional health of the city. Using sensors and a geo-locator, users can see their anxiety levels displayed on a map, lending transparency to what time/location may be triggering their anxiety, as well as patterns they can better prepare for. The device will take pulse/heart rate, as well as noise, into account.

Affective computing is an interested field that I'm only just learning about. Here's some background: http://www.nlpr.ia.ac.cn/2005papers/gjhy/gh91.pdf. 

My work with sensors in physical computing will help with building the actual device, but this will be my first foray into the field. The QGIS demo we had was a big inspiration for the project, and will lend a hand in building the map users can access to see where there triggers may be. Our guest lecture about waste management in the city was also inspiring, and led our team to discuss how transparency could aid in creating a more efficient urban landscape.

On March 24, we aim to present the device, as well as a data we've collected.

Technical considerations include which sensor is the best to measure anxiety. Some options, below:

Possible challenges will be the wearability of the device, and how to accurately measure anxiety. It will be tough to discern whether a rise in heart rate is due to anxiety or, for example, exercise.