Quantified Self About Town - Project Ideas

"QS About Town" is a class focused on gathering data from public spaces, which can inform our use of the urban environment in order to effect change.

While thinking through possible project ideas to work on, I came up with a short list of categories I'm interested in exploring:

1) How can an individual collect data from their environment, in order to better represent a story. For instance, what are some experiences I look back on and wish I had some sort of data for in order to remember it better?

2) The public-private space. For instance, a shared space within an apartment. What sort of data would alleviate potential points of tension between roommates?

At this point, I'd like to focus on #2, with a bit of a silly project that I actually think could be quite effective if executed properly. The idea is called "Zeh Dish Vasher." It's a waterproof mat that can be placed inside a sink, that measures the weight placed on top of it. It then sends text messages to anybody who wishes to receive them, notifying them of the total weight currently in the sink. The goal is to gamify this process through roommates, making dishwashing into a contest, and relieving the tension it can often times cause.

My classmates (and potential collaborator!) Bartosz Jerzy Bonczak found the sensor below that we considering using to measure weight:


What do you think?